Sea Adventure School

Apart from diving, Scuba for Change also join activities with Sea Adventure School (SAS).

Stairway’s Sea Adventure School (SAS) is a floating classroom that immerses students into marine environments in order to educate and inspire them beyond what is possible in a traditional classroom. The whole day sea adventure gives a chance for students to explore the intricacies and the inter relatedness of mangroves, sea grass and corals and how human activities affect these marine ecosystems.

Aside from learning more about the three ecosystems, participants actively contribute to a cleaner and healthier local environment by cleaning up a mangrove area in a bay, which is congested with tons of rubbish washing in from the sea and coming from a nearby village as well as some nearby tourist destinations.

Enjoy watching this short clip video from the #SAS trip with the Harvard University students and Stairway kids.

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