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Scuba for Change is proud to support the upcoming Australian cinematic release of "Blue", proud product of our Ambassador Lucas Handley.
Lucas Handley
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Congratulations Sasha and Keetah on completing your Junior Scuba Diver course! ... See MoreSee Less

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Scuba for Change shared Stairway Foundation, Inc.'s video. ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Earth Day 2017!

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SCUBA Fundraising For Change

Do you wish to be a certified diver, or level up to Advanced OW diver? Do you want doing things for a good cause at the same time? Come along, divers and non-divers alike, and support Scuba for Change Dive Centre’s fundraising activity to continuously inspire people while they create positive and lasting legacies. Money that will be collected will be given to Stairway Foundation, Inc.


SCUBASURA: Aninuan, House Reef Clean Up Drive

The Philippine waters faces many challenges in terms of cleanliness and we all know that one of the major contributors of this problem is trash.

People’s rubbish affects the health of the marine wildlife and the livelihood of those who depend on it; plastics are being eaten by the turtles and fishes resulting to their distressing shortened lifespan and dramatic reduction of population. READ MORE

Sea Adventure School

Apart from diving, Scuba for Change also join activities with Sea Adventure School (SAS).

Stairway’s Sea Adventure School (SAS) is a floating classroom that immerses students into marine environments in order to educate and inspire them beyond what is possible in a traditional classroom. READ MORE


Asia Dive Expo 2016

SFC gratefully received an invitation from Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) organisers and attended ADEX Singapore in April 2016. SFC met and shared its story with diving enthusiasts based in Singapore.READ MORE


Social Enterprise

Minca, a social enterprise constituted by a small but passionate, very professional, versatile and talented team, visited SFC in July 2016 and they learn about SFC’s intent, our operating model and our symbiotic relationship with Stairway Foundation. SFC will feature in Minca’s upcoming documentary on social enterprises that change lives, below is a little teaser.READ MORE


Change for Children 2016

Change for Children 2016 took a different shape to the 2015 Event. In April 2016, at their own costs, SDI/TDI instructors Dom Fretz, Ken Strickland and PADI instructor Chris Stephenson travelled to PG and made a lasting impact to a group of underprivileged Filipino Children, helping eleven children being the newest guardians of their precious and beautiful reef system.READ MORE


Congratulations to Julienne

Scuba for Change is proud to announce that our staff member Julienne, or “Super J” as she is affectionately known, has recently completed her Instructor training!

The Ugly Truth

Did you know that a staggering 250 million metric tons of plastic could make its way to the ocean in the next 10 years? And that as much as 70 percent of marine litter has been estimated to end up on the seabed.


Stonefish – What not to do

After the death last week of a snorkeler in Palawan, Philippines from a suspected Stonefish sting, we thought it may be a good idea to give some helpful tips of do’s and don’t’s whilst snorkelling.


Image of a rarely seen swimming Stonefish – Photo by Karl Marchant


Fish Net

Amongst the massive problem of plastic and other human waste another of the issues is the illegal use of weighted fishing nets.



PADI Open Water for Stairway boys!

After the Change For Children Discover Scuba sessions we noticed a few of the kids showed an aptitude and love for the ocean.

With this in mind we decided to offer and invite 5 of the boys the chance to complete the PADI Open Water course!